8. Ordering rAAV Packaging Online

Online Ordering


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For your reference
  • 12-15 business days for AAV packaging in 1E+14vg upon your plasmid arrival.
  • 20-25 business days from vector cloning to AAV packaging upon your design of vector.
  • If any delay, 5% refund as credit to clients for the discount or next new orders.
Select AAV Serotype *

Default titer is ≧1E+13 GC/ml; CoA with qPCR titer, SDS-PAGEAAV purity and <10EU/mL(1E+13vg) are included.
Normal Yield AAV *
Low Yield AAV *
Not-Guaranteed Yeild AAV *
Select Guaranteed AAV Amount - vg or GC *
Select Guaranteed AAV Amount - vg or GC *
Select AAV Amount - vg or GC *
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Fluorescence AAV Control *
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TEM for Micrography / full/empty ratio
HPLC Purity
UV Purity
Titer Detection - ddPCR (ITR)
Mycoplasma Detection
Restriction enzyme restriction
Endotoxin Removal(<1EU/mL for normal-yield AAV)
Endotoxin Removal(<1EU/mL for low-yield AAV)
Endotoxin Removal(<0.2EU/mL for normal-yield AAV)
Endotoxin Removal(<0.2EU/mL for low-yield AAV)
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