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PackGene is a world-leading adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector CRO and CDMO company. PackGene provides reliable, scalable, and economical plasmid DNA and AAV that are ideal for early-stage therapeutic discovery, preclinical development, and clinical trials for Gene and Cell Therapies. PackGene’s proprietary π-Alpha™ 293 AAV High-yield Platform combines a uniquely designed RC plasmid with a triple-plasmid transfection system to increase AAV production by 3 to 8 times that of traditional platforms. By combining both in-process upstream and downstream Quality by Design optimizations we are able to further increase total AAV yield up to 10 fold. Through this unique combination of proprietary platform technology and process optimization a single run of AAV production at PackGene delivers up to 1E+17vg virus particles – enough to meet most commercial and clinical project requirements

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AAV technology
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AAV technology
π-Alpha™ 293 AAV High-yield Production Platform
AAV technology

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Decibel, Principal Scientist

“A lot of our programs internally have been having great results with the AAV8 vectors you all have been packaging. PackGene is rapidly becoming our go-to for AAV8 vectors! ”

Biogen Scientist

“I  have spreaded  the word of my satisfaction with your AAV vectors to many people in  Biogen’s research labs and I hope we continue to be a regular customer in the future.”